Welcome abode the starship enterprise ! Here our mission is to explore future possibilities and boldly go where no one has gone before.

It was power packed three days of knowledge sessions, live demos, expert talks, great food, white sand beaches and lots of fun with 300+ delegates, 35+ innovation sessions, 30+customers, 11+ live demos and more.

It was with these words that Kinesh Doshi, CEO of Accion Labs extended his welcome to 300+ attendees and from different parts of the world – customers, partners, investors and Accionites to the 6th annual innovation summit that was held in Goa from March 14-16, 2019.

A warm thank you to all those who celebrated with us and we really missed those who could not join us this year. Catch all the action that happened on this site with photos, videos and presentations. See you all again in 2020.

What are the Emerging tech trends for 2019

The industry experts at the summit were unanimous that the digital enterprise today needs to increase their business velocity and at the same time reduce friction. If you are serious on digital transformation in the era of disruption, below is a checklist for you to scope in 2019.

  • Innovation Development Life Cycle – Innovation levers that will drive Digital Transformation!
  • It’s time to teach your apps to talk! – Integration of Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Voice User Interface (VUI)
  • Web and Mobile come closer – Flutter and SSR, welcome to the party!
  • Pervasive Personalization – Does your app really know your user?
  • Applications built to last – Event-Driven Application Development Framework
  • Orchestration of Microservices – Event-Based Integration in Architecture
  • Data Lakes – Ingestion, Data Quality, Streaming Analytics – Maturing the Data Lake!
  • AI Everywhere – AIl pervasive AI reaches the edge of the cloud
  • Decentralized Applications – Blockchain leads to a new revolution
  • New UX Trends and Frontiers – Big Bang Design is giving way to Agile Design


New versions of our platforms and tools were launched at the summit with improved features and functions.

  • Breeze Event-Driven Architecture Framework
  • Zephyr Conversational Platform
  • Alizeh – Personalization Engine
  • Agile Project Estimation Tool


Why companies trust Accion Labs to re-imagine their business

30+ customers who visited us at the summit shared their faith in our capabilities to understand their business, partner in their product development journey and business transformation year after year. in their words, “incredibly talented, dedicated employees who care and focused on our success.”

You can now catch all the action of the Innovation Summit 2019 at https://summit.accionlabs.com/ as we will keep adding photos, presentations, videos etc so stay tuned.

Do write back to us if you would like to know more on any topic or technology that was discussed we would be happy to share the details and get on a call for more info.