Agenda for Innovation Summit 2019

Drones, talking apps, blockchain, UI/UX, machine learning, innovation lifecycle, cyber security threats – it was all there. Our line-up of speakers included industry experts, project heads of innovation teams and some of our valued customers who delivered power-packed presentations and shared insights on how organizations can embrace technology change and innovate using emerging technologies.
The venue Zuri White Sands Goa Resort was a reflection of everything Goan. 
A detailed agenda with topic and speakers is provided below for you to explore. For any further details, please write to us and we would happy to share the information with you.

Thursday, March 14, Kick-off 5 pm IST

Starts at 5:00 pm
Ramesh Narasimhan & Amy Halter Welcome and Opening
Starts at 5:30 pm
Kinesh Doshi & Vikas Aditya Accion Labs – Journey is the Destination!
Starts at 6:00 pm
Sameer Kanwar An Investor’s Perspective
Starts at 6:30 pm
Bhavish Sood Industry Expert/Innovator and Startup Investor

* Followed by Networking Social and Dinner

Friday, March 15, ALL DAY starting from 10 am

Starts at 10:00 am
Ash Bijoor Emerging Technologies Outlook 2019
Starts at 10:30 am
Kerrie Hoffman, Digital Advisor Digital Transformation
Starts at 11:00 am
Kinesh Doshi, Aswani Karteek Innovation Lifecycle
Starts at 11:15 am
Vikram Singh New UX Trends and Frontiers
Starts at 11:45 am
Ash Bijoor Breeze Event-Driven Architecture Framework
Starts at 12:15 pm
Jane Poojari, Bikramjeet Nath, Raunak Khatri,Pooja Salot Breeze Platform Services and Demos
Starts at 12:45 pm
Hemesh Thakkar, Dwaip Chowdhury Orchestration vs Choreography of Microservices
Lunch Break
Starts at 2:15 pm
Karl Herleman, MSA Analytics in Retail / Supply Chain
Starts at 2:45 pm
Vaibhav Satam, Chinmay Dalvi Blazing Fast Front End Apps
Starts at 3:15 pm
Chandesh Manjarekar, Sunil Lulla, Shishir Srivastava Teach Your App to Talk! (Conversational Interfaces)
Starts at 4:00 pm
Ujwal Yelmareddy, Hitesh Dhruna, Raman Balyan, Faisal Sayed Containerized Deployment in Agile Development
Starts at 4:30 pm
Anand Shah, Tanmai Naik, Kuldeep Khandelwal
Agile Gantt – Innovation in Agile Project Estimation
Starts at 5:00 pm
Haridasu Rao, Puneet Chaddah Partner Introduction – GAVS Technologies, GAVEL
Starts at 5:30 pm
Rajesh NM, Sanket Harad Managing Flexibility and Quality in Today’s High-Speed SDLC
Panel Discussion Emerging Technologies and their Role in Innovation Lifecycle Moderator: Christopher Evans

Saturday, March 16, ALL DAY starting from 10 am

Ramesh Narsimnhan Innovation in Delivery
Ashok Venkatraman, Relton Alexander Emerging Technologies in Fintech
Dwaip Chowdhury, Chetan Khatri, Sreeram Nanjundan Reinventing ETL in the Big Data Age
Pamela Norton, Borsetta Blockchain-based Asset Management Platform
Shahid Shaikh, Anubha Dadhich Decentralized Apps – Blockchain Leads to Revolutionary New Types of Applications
Ramesh Narasimhan AI Everywhere – All Pervasive AI/ML Applications
Lunch Break
Saurabh Periwal, Munawwar Sheila Using AI to Personalize your Apps – Sales Case Study
Nikhar Bhandari, Aswani Karteek Anomaly Detection in Real-time Streaming Analytics
Dwaip Chowdhury, Jeetendra Kumar H, Venkatesh Sarvepalli Integration with COTS in the Microservices World
Puneet Chadha, Relevance Labs Partner Introduction – Relevance Labs
Demo: RL Catalyst
Ramu Inturi, Aseem Jain Ethical Hacking and Ensuring Security of your Apps
Panel Discussion Innovating for Success
Moderator: Kinesh Doshi
Anuj Kanish Book Release – You are the Source!
Shubha Vilas Prabhu Exploring the Power of the Mind to Enhance Creativity and Innovation

* Followed by Cultural Performances, Networking Social and Dinner