Agenda 2018 Summit

Presenters Topic
Kinesh Doshi, Ramesh Narsimnhan, Ash Bijoor- CEO/CTO/CDO Welcome / Accion Updates / Overview of sessions
Sameer Kanwar, Investor Emerging Technologies from an Investor’s perspective
Bhavish Sood, Investor and Gartner Analyst Guest Speaker
Ash Bijoor, CTO Introduction and Keynote Speech
Roshan Ravi, UX Architect UX Patterns and Design Systems
Dwaip Chowdhury (DC), Chief Architect Mitigating the Risks of Reengineering to Microservices
Jane Poojari, Architect Zephyr – Making Conversational UI a Breeze!
Aswani Karteek, Chetan Khatri – Data Architect/ML Leads How not to drown in your Data Lake
Krishnakant Mane, Open Source Technology for the technically underserved
Chetan Khatri – ML Leads AI Technologies and Applications for the enterprise
Ash Bijoor, CTO Blockchain and its role in building Digital Products
Amit, Vaibhav Satam- UI Architects Web Applications on Steroids
Customer Panel Discussion Software Development Challenges chaired by Sameer Kanwar
Merryl, Raghu – DevOps Architect Addressing DevOps Transformation Challenges
Anand Padmanabhan, Cloud Architect Quantum Computing and Spintronics
Customer Panel Discussion Emerging Technologies & Digital Transformation chaired by Bhavish Sood
Kinesh Doshi – CEO Summary and Closing Remarks
Guru Gaur Gopal Das, Motivational Speaker, and Life Coach Real Meaning of Success